Many of our participants, their families and caretakers often have the same questions for SOAR!. Please view the questions and answers below to see if we could answer any of them, or feel free to contact us directly.

Who can participate in SOAR! events?

SOAR! (Sports Opportunities & Active Recreation) is an organization dedicated to providing sports, recreation and wellness activities for people with mental and physical developmental disabilities.

How can someone join SOAR! activities and events?

SOAR! must have a Master Registration Form on file in order to participate in activities and events.  There is no cost to join. Please contact Scott Montgomery, Executive Director, at 440-327-6454 to have a form mailed to you. Or, simply download and fill one out on the forms page and mail to us.  Forms

Will I be able to attend the event as a parent or caregiver?

Parents, Caregivers, or Staff Members are welcome to attend any event with the participants.

Why does SOAR! need my information on the Registration Form?

SOAR! must have this information in the case of an emergency. Also, please note if a participant requires close supervision and why, so that we may best accommodate his/her needs.

Does everyone get to participate despite their disability?

SOAR! is committed to helping each and every participant maximize their opportunities for personal growth and accomplishment through a variety of activities conducted in a safe, cheerful and positive environment. Activities and or game rules are modified to accommodate the participants abilities or needs.

What types of activities are available for people with disabilities?

SOAR! offers a variety of activities for participants. Activities are modified to accommodate the abilities of our participants. Some SOAR! activities include:

Aerobics, Bocce Ball, Jazzercize, Bowling, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Seated Volleyball, Walking, and Wiffleball/Kickball. Awards are given in recognition of Effort, Attitude and Enthusiasm.